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I saw one on Animal Planet and fell in love with them.

Though only distantly related to cats, the Genet is a beautiful cat-like creature that is as playful as a kitten. 

The Genet is a member of the Carnivora Order and is closely related to Civets and Lingsangs. The Genet (the “G” takes the “J” sound like Jenet) is very cat-like with many feline qualities, but is only distantly related to the cat. Most Genets are spotted with ringed tails. They have musk glands like the civet, which is used to mark territory. The Genet has a pointed snout with long whiskers, short legs, large erect ears and long body. The coat of the Genet can be a variety of browns or grey with darker spots, or a solid black, which is called melanistic. There’s different types of them like the common, small spotted, European, large spotted and rusty spotted Genet.

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